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Karanduun is a high-flying, Filipino epic fantasy Tabletop RPG in a setting inspired by Filipino Folklore, Folk Catholicism, and Mysticism.  You play as young heroes who must make their legend known and become a legendary Karanduun, coming from within Heaven itself or all across the different universes of the Multiverse.

This game requires 4 - 6 players, with one player as the Alamat Chanter, the term for Game Master. This game only uses six-sided dice for everything.


Karanduun are those that are as fast as lightning, and as strong as the hurricane. Karanduun are those that, with a single command, fell entire armies and break the hearts of gods. But God is dead, and the Holy Trinity has killed Them. The Multiverse spirals into Kawalan, oblivion and entropy. Yes, there is no hope for this doomed world, but in its dying breath, the wake of the Karanduun, it might have been glorious. Will you be remembered? Climb the Angel's Ladder and Make God Bleed.

What is Alamatpunk? Alamatpunk is the plight and struggle of heroes rising in power, ascending the Angel's Ladder, overthrowing oppressors, and achieving their destinies.  They are Alamat, meaning legend or folklore in Filipino, for the heroes and the settings are inspired by Filipino legends, traditions, folklore, and mythology. They are Punk because they are stories focusing on fighting back against an oppressive regime and an overwhelmingly powerful outside force with nothing but you, your friends, and your ideals and beliefs to power you.

Other inspirations for Karanduun are Book of the New Sun, Shin Megami Tensei, Kill Six Billion Demons.


  • Seven Tungkulin. The Tungkulin are the seven calling that the Attainer tries to reach, the perfect ideal of the Karanduun, patterned after the first 7 Karanduun who embodied the 7 Virtues of BATALANG MAYKAPAL.
  • Four Soul-Sheathes of Paraiso. There are four Soul-Sheathes or Races that you can play as in modern Paraiso: the Mortals, the Engkantos, the Servants, and the Fallen.
    • Mortals, the destroyers, made from the Image of God Themself, who embody the cosmic end.
    • Servants, the preservers, who protect heaven and the Universe, but now have become twisted servants of the new ruined heaven, as they sided with the Holy Trinity to kill BATALA.
    • Fallen, the perverters, those who stood by dying BATALA and fought against the Holy Trinity. Now they are seen as nature devils, petal demons, even as they wail for the death of BATALA.
    • Engkantos, the bystanders, who stood on the sidelines as the Servants and Fallen killed each other, and was thus cursed to live in the shadows of nature down in the Midworlds of the Multiverse.
  • Paraiso, the Thousand Island Heavens. The once-forbidden Seventh Layer of the Multiverse, now broken and shattered into a Cosmic Archipelago. Toil underneath devil-engkanto gang-kings, ride across multicolored seas of spirit-thoughts, venture through forests filled with nature divinities, and survive against dangerous Wilds filled with demons that have returned from the void between the Layers of Creation.
  • An Easy to Learn Heroic System. The system only uses six-sided dice, and is meant to be easy to play, inspired by the Exalted 1e Quickstart and PbtA-esque design principles. One player takes on the roll of the Alamat Chanter, the one who describes and facilitates the game, while the players play as Attainers who will build their Alamat. In this way, the Alamat Chanter sings the legends that the Attainers build for themselves.
    •  The system is dominated by Acts, narrative systems that trigger when a Player narrates their Attainer in a specific way similar to moves, and Responses, moves that the Alamat Chanter can use to make the PC's lives weirder, stranger, and harder to help facilitate a savage narrative that all the players create. 
  • QUICKSTART SCENARIO: The Temple-Body of Aring Sinukuan. The Temple-Body of a War and Mountain Spirit has been defiled, turned into a devils pit for engkanto and Fallen druggies. Raid it and cleanse it of its head... and then fight your way out.

This is an OPEN BETA document, so expect things not to be final, newer versions, and more. As it stands, it is playable! Feedback is encouraged, over on my twitter (@liquorcanini) or my mail (jkvsaavedra@gmail.com). You may also join our budding Discord community over here: https://discord.gg/JFGpsMh

Please feel free to rate the game! Ratings help!

All funds gotten from this book will be going to funding more art for later editions, as well as paying editors, writers, and securing future supplements. There is no Kickstarter in the Philippines, so I make do with this. 

Additionally, I have community copies set up: for every copy purchased, a free community copy will be added, allowing those who cannot buy it for now grab a copy of the PDF! Furthermore, buying the game will automatically give you access to the newer revisions of the game, along with the art that you will help pay for!

FURTHERMORE: If you're from the Philippines and can't afford the PDF, just contact my Twitter and I'll send a PDF your way. Kapit-bisig, kababayan!


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This looks amazing! I love the art!

Thank you so much! There's still some more art coming along thanks to the money being made and from donations!

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Get this every time I try to download. Even under alternate download.

That's strange, it downloads fine over on my end. I'll reupload the file in a bit!


This looks really cool and I am super excited to try this out with one of my RPG groups!

Aaa thank you so so much! Don't be afraid to share your thoughts back here if you do!