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"Venture into the stars, they said..."

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Maharlika is a technomystic Science Fantasy mecha RPG inspired by Filipino Mythology, centered around Mekanized Weapons or Meka, and their pilots: the eponymous Maharlika. 

You will play as these titular spirit-warriors, mavericks, aces, and knights that all swear loyalty to a Datu, one of the CEOs of the Megacorporations, so that you can protect the technospiritual galaxy of Arkipelago. Sometimes, you’re the archetypical noble Maharlika, sworn follower of your Datu and kneeling before their feet. Other times, you’re just an exceptionally skilled person trying to make ends meet, and ‘loyalty’ is just another word for “whatever makes the most money.” You are a free person after all. 

As a Maharlika, you venture out into space where you will take on  dangerous missions, fight for your ideals, hack the spiritual internet that is the Lambat, repel Xenobeings, trade love and resources, and participate in fiestas to survive, thrive, and protect what is yours in the dangerous Starsea.


This Beta version of the English translation is fully playable, although there is no art nor layouting yet. Feedback of it is highly encouraged and appreciated! Please send it over on maharlikarpg@gmail.com, on the official twitter over at @maharlikarpg, or feel free to join the growing Discord community!


In this Beta you will find the following:

  • Rules for Narrative Maharlika play. Build relationships and use your origins and experience to influence the outcome of rolls. Never roll if the roll is without doubt or consequence.
  • Tactical Meka Combat, fast-paced and heavy metal. Build a Meka by choosing one from 20 "Baluti" frames, 4 for each of the 5 Megacorporations, and then customizing that even more with over 160 AGIMAT weapons, systems, modules, protocols, and parts. All inspired by LANCER, Strike! RPG, Battletech, and D&D 4e. 
  • Deal with Sikat, your fame with the Megacorps, and Utang, both your obligatory and material debt to them, and become a Maharlika working tooth-and-nail to provide for the most basic of things.
  • A dangerous and diverse galaxy known as Arkipelago, inspired by Filipino History,  Mythology, and Folklore. Find the Diwa, the spiritual reality that is actually the smallest part of reality that exists within everything. Convene with powerful fey god-beings known as Diwata, the personified god-spirits of the Universe. Hack and interface with the Lambat, the internet of things that takes advantage of the Diwa. Be caught in the politics of the four Megacorporations, for the actual government is hopelessly incompetent. Upheave the feudal capitalist system of the Lakanate. Travel to the Land of God, in the middle of the Galaxy, where the IMPINITO DIYOS resides, and be the powerful spirit-warriors that pilot the walking giant saint-suits that are the Meka.


Maharlika is inspired by various Mecha anime, video games, and books, including:  Ghibli Films, Armored Core, LANCER, Battletech, VOTOMS, Gasaraki, Patlabor, The Vision of Escaflowne, Daemon X Machina, Zone of the Enders, China Mieville's Perdido Street Station, Hannu Rajaniemi's The Quantum Thief, William Gibson's Neuromancer, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Gene Wolf's Book of the New Sun and Mobile Suit Gundam.

All income from buying the PDF would go into paying for layout and editing!

Exceed the Horizon. Long Live the Lakanate.


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If I purchase the Beta will I get access to the final version, or would I have to purchase it again?

Yes, I'll be sending out copies/codes for everyone that spent 15 dollars on it! The final version is also still a ways away


Oooh, Gasaraki in your inspiration list. Not a widely known one.